Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Quest to Breed Singapore Wood Shrimp, Day 28

No news to report. Things are much the same.

I haven't shot new images or videos since last Friday, because everything looks the same. This is a shot from Friday March 13th. The only behavioral change I see if that she is not as enthusiatic about beating her pleopods, although she does do that. One thing I haven't mentioned before that I find interesting happens when I am feeding her. Since she is now in a 10 gal tank, I am feeding her using either a small piece of airline hose, when I feed her Cyclop-eeze, or a drinking straw when I am feeding her flake food. This is so I can direct the feed right to where she is instead of it disoursing everywhere. If a large quantity of food gets near the eggs, she beats her pleopods wildly to get the food away from the eggs.

Isn't nature interesting?

I am SOOOOO ready for these eggs to hatch.

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