Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Singapore Wood Shrimp Reproduction Quest- Day 21

After spending about 4 days now thinking the eggs would hatch any day now, I decided to dig in for the long haul. I have had her in the 10 gal tank with about 6 gals of water for over a week now without filtration- the only water conditioning going on at all is a portion of a bio sponge tied around the air stone. This ‘one more day will be okay’ has drifted out for a week. So, I took the cool little in-tank filter that I had augmenting the new filter for the 20 gal cichlid tank, wrapped the intake area with a piece of the 35 micron screen given to be by Argent Chemical Labs, and put it in the tank. My plan is to let that run all day, then, since everything I have read indicates she will loose her eggs after the lights are out, I will turn it off with the lights. I intentionally use the term “loose” because I do not know whether they disperse as a result of hatching, or whether she will somehow knock them off of her, or what, I thought it might be something I could leave on, but watching the particulates, they get pulled into the folds of the fabric. Definitely not something I want to have happen to the larvae.

Got some new video today- the eggs have turned a light tan color:

This photo is from March 9th, but the video is today. It has a weird fish eye effect, but at least the eggs are in focus. It's just not that easy to catch- she fans those pleopods, and you have to catch them on the open stoke. Today it seems you can see the patterns in the eggs, as if you can see not just eyes, but also the folded up body. Or maybe my eyes are playing tricks.

I got a message from someone on YouTube today, who suggested she might loose the eggs over a period of days. No indication as to whether this information is from experience or not. That will certainly be a challenging turn of events.

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