Sunday, March 8, 2009

Singapore Wood Shrimp Eggs day 17

Sunday, March 8, 2009

I printed out some articles to read on the plane. I found a really good one about breeding freshwater prawn. The title of it is JUVENILE PRODUCTION OF THE FRESHWATER PRAWN CRYPHIOPS CAEMENTARIUS (DECAPODA: PALAEMONIDAE) UNDER LABORATORY CONDITIONS IN COQUIMBO, CHILE available

It has charts of zoea stages, the salinity they used, along with temperature and feeding schedules. I will compare this with the French Aquarist's documentary of his successful routine for Amanos at and try to find some cohesive combination. Of course, no information is available at all about what other species bears a similarity with the wood shrimp needs.

In the Prawn article they seemed to feel that a constant temperature was very important, so yesterday I bought a small heater for that tank. They also indicated that high levels of oxygen were important. Another website I read about filter-feeding shrimp in general indicated the need for high oxygen levels, so I have mirrored the drip design to an air-tube/stone design for the bottles. I do want to make sure they aren’t so agitated with bubbles that they are damaged, so I am using enough valves to make sure there isn’t too high a flow.

Yesterday the eggs showed the baby shrimp eye spots that are characteristic of eggs about to hatch. I watched her closely. I shot some more video (not too good, but decent), viewable at but got a decent still photo seen here.
This image is a close up of the one above. She is standing on a piece of bio sponge that I have tied to an air stone. I did not want to introduce any manner of pump to this tank, because it would suck up and kill the hatchlings. She is in about 6 gallons of water alone, and I have two media bags full of used aquarium gravel, so I am comfortable that amonia levels won't build up.

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